Home Economy By the end of the year 5, 000 new employees

By the end of the year 5, 000 new employees


The Government of Republika Srpska invested about 12 million EUR in several employment projects this year. These projects should lead to the employment of 5,000 people in the next month.

This information was given at the round table titled “The Effectiveness of the Employment Policy in Republika Srpska: Obstacles and Opportunities”, that was held at the National Assembly of Republika Srpska and organized by the NGO CCI.

At the meeting the Director of the Employment Bureau, Milko Colakovic, stated that 21, 449 persons were taken of the unemployment register and that the Employment Bureau helped employ 17, 000 of them.

He added that activities are being undertaken in forming new projects for employment in Republika Srpska for the year 2014.

Manager of the NGO CCI, Adis Arapovic, state that results of research conducted on the process of employment in the whole of BH showed that when it comes to employment the situation is much more favorable in Republika Srpska than in the Federation of BH.


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