Home News Campaign “No excuses -Europe, now!” begins in B&H

Campaign “No excuses -Europe, now!” begins in B&H


The Center for Civil Initiatives (CCI), together with 8 other NGOs from B&H, is due to announce the official start of a petition to support the acceleration of European Integration in B&H.

The slogan “No excuses -Europe, now!” intends to provide to B&H citizens a tool for raising their voice in regard to this process and to necessitate concrete actions from the elected representatives in accelerating the process of European Integration.

CCI together with OKC Banja Luka, KULT Sarajevo, DON Prijedor, Forum of Citizens Zenica, Youth Council Siroki Brijeg, DC New Hope Foca, Consumers Club Travnik, and Paradigm Bijeljina,will organize the signing of the petition in cities across B&H in the next two months.


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