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Candidate for state minister arrested by state police


State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) police officers arrested on Monday morning two individuals identified by initials B.D. and B.S. due to grounded suspicion of having committed the criminal offence of obstruction of Justice.

“The apprehended individuals are suspected of having induced, during December 2015, by using intimidation and promise of undue advantage, a false testimony of the witness with initials AS in criminal proceedings against N.K. and others conducted by the Prosecutor’s Office B&H and Municipal Court in Priština for the criminal offence of organised crime in conjunction with murder.

Searches at three locations are underway to detect and seize items that may serve as evidence in further proceedings”, SIPA announced in an official press release.

Behind this release, written in strict police language, a deeper problem is hidden. The person identified as B. D., is Bakir Dautbasic, secretary of minister of security BiH and candidate for state Minister of traffic and communication BiH. The second person arrested is Bilsen Sahman and the case which SIPA mentioned on the Pristina Court is the trial of Naser Keljmendi, who often was described as one of most dangerous persons in the region.

Dautbasic is the member of Party for better future BiH, leaded by Fahrudin Radoncic, who was supposed to testify on the Keljmendi trial in few days. Also, on Monday Radoncic was obligated to send the name of the candidate from his party for the minister of traffic and communication on state level. He earlier decided to propose Dautbasic for this post and, after his arrest on Monday, he said that he will not change his opinion because Dautbasic, as he said, is innocent. On Monday afternoon he did in fact propose Dautbasic as the only candidate.

“As a responsible politician I can tell our citizens to have confidence in the judiciary system and that I will continue the coalition with SDA (Party of democratic action). SDA is a big party that received more votes than its president. SBB is a powerful party, and we will continue the coalition independently of personal relationships between Bakir Izetbegovic, SDA leader, and me”, said the leader of SBB.

The arrested persons were brought to SIPA premises for criminal processing, after which they, together with a report on grounds for suspicion of criminal offence and perpetrators, will be handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office in the shortest possible time for further proceedings.

Mladen Dragojlovic

Source: Independent Balkan News Agency


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