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Cave exploration as a tourist offer in Banja Luka?


Caves and pits located around or near the city could become a new tourist destination for nature lovers and speleologists, whose tour would not require knowledge of speleology.

This would be a new tourist offer if councilors at the next session adopt the Work Program of the City Tourism Organization for this year.

“The project of caves and hollows involves speleological research, volarization and creation of queue products in the area and in the vicinity of the city, which would include the caves of Mišarica and Ljubačevo, as well as pits in the area of ​​the Manjača plateau and the Tijesno canyon and other places in the city and its vicinity”, says TOBL Program .

Mladen Sukalo, an independent expert in the Tourist Organization of the city, said that this would contribute to the development of adventurous tourism and tourism based on nature.

“Near the Vrbas canyon, there are some of the deepest caves, intended for people who do not have experience in the underground world, and for this kind of sightseeing, no knowledge of speleology is needed,” Sukalo said.

Caving is an increasingly popular tourist product and recreational activity, which involves exploring wildly mostly non-commercial cave systems.

“It’s about one of the potential offers that could go with other adventurous activities such as rafting and climbing,” Sukalo says.

For the development of this type of tourism, there is already a certain potential, because in the immediate vicinity of the city and around it is one of the deepest caves in BiH – Viktoria jama in the area of ​​the plateau of Manjaca.

“We are most interesting, because it does not require previous skills and some special requirements when it comes to safety and equipment, is the cave Ljubacevo,” said Sukalo.

He added that in its vicinity there are other interesting places, such as the ethno-village museum of the Ljubača Valley, the Tijesno Canyon, the top of the plateau Manjača and the Stone Bridge.

Colony of bats

Not far from the town, next to the village of Beli potok, there is the cave Mišarica. This cave is remarkable in the fact that in summer period it is formed in the mammalian colonies of the blind mice that belong to the larger ones in the Balkans, consisting of two types: large mouse-eared bat and Shriber’s bat.




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