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CEC: Re-Counting of Ballots in Some Places in Eight Municipalities


The BiH Central Election Commission has ordered a recount of ballots at some polling stations in Cazin, Bihać, Teslić, Novi Grad, Kakanj, Tuzla, Foča in the Federation of BiH and Vareš.

The announcement of the CEC specified that the recount of ballots will be performed by candidates within the list of individual political entities for the level of government, the municipal council / municipal assembly, ie the city council.

The recounts will take place at the Main Counting Center in Sarajevo’s Zetra Hall from 12:00.

The order will be published on the website of the CEC of BiH and it will be considered that it was delivered to all participants in the election process, it is stated in the announcement.

In accordance with the BiH Election Law, candidates of political parties, coalitions, lists of independent candidates and independent candidates and candidates from the list of members of national minorities appearing on the recounted ballot, as well as other accredited observers, may be present during the re-run counting.

The CEC of BiH orders the recount of ballots upon request or ex officio if it determines that a violation of the Election Law of BiH has been committed and that this violation affects the allocation of mandates.




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