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Celebrated the Day of the Republic of Srpska


1,800 particpants of ceremonial defile marked the start of special celebration of 26th birthday of Republic of Srpska. Participants took a walk from Square of Republic to the end of the street, all along to the Squere of Krajina where they were lined up and recived by President of Srpska, Milorad Dodik who congratulated National day of Srpska to all citizens.

National Assembly president, Nedjeljko Cubrilovic, Prime minister Zeljka Cvijanovic, Serbian minister of defense Aleksandar Vulin, princ and princess Alexander and Katarina Karadjordjevic and many other names from top of the politic circles were today to dedicate honour and respect to the Repubblic of Srpska. President Dodik said that this is special day for Srpska but also the whole region as it celebrates historical aspiation for freedom and that this date is important as much as any other battle and special day during the history of this country, especially because 9th of January is evidence of how strong and powerfull Serb national will can be.

„Our people fought for this. More than 30,000 citizens defended Rebulic of Srpska with the greatesst they have – their own lives“ Dodik added.




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