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Census Results Useless And Fake


Deputy Director of the BiH Statistics Agency, Miljan Popic, has stressed that the BiH population census results are fake and statistically useless, and that in this case, the profession has fallen on its knees under the pressure of the politics.
Popic has stressed in his statement to SRNA that the presentation of some sort of census data, which were feigned and are in contradiction with the Law on Census, especially in a way as it has been decided, will create a serious legal precedent for the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina and permanently damage its position and reputation among statistical institutions within BiH, as well as other partner institutions at the international level.

“Where such type of behavior is leading us to and what message we are sending to both internally, within BiH, and internationally, sufficiently shows the fact that the presentation of such census results will not happen in the highest legislative home, where the Law on Census was passed and all these activities started more than three years ago, in the Parliamentit, but in a hotel conference room,” stated Popic.

He has reminded that the publication and presentation of the census results should be a solemn act of state to be published in the highest legislative home, not in a hotel conference room.

“More than BAM 35 million was invested in the census related activities by all levels of government, namely, Republika Srpska has invested more than BAM 10 million, several hundred persons were working more than four years on the preparation, implementation and processing of census results and now, we have been put into this situation of law non-compliance and legal uncertainty,” he explained in a statement to SRNA.

According to him, it is evident that the census data published in such way will not be recognised within the statistical institutions in BiH that organised and conducted the census, therefore it is clear that such results cannot be recognised internationally, too.

“Through this kind of data processing of census materials we will obtain an illegal and incorrect census data which will be unuseful for us, neither be a reference for regular planning within BiH or EU integrations,” concluded Miljan Popic, the deputy director of the BiH Agency for Statistics.

Source: Srna


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