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Central Election Commission to recount numerous votes


The Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina is still in the process of counting and validating votes after the general elections held on the 12th of October.

CEC BiH still hasn’t released the final preliminary results even through the elections were held over a week ago. The local media have reported on the slowness of the whole process and various irregularities in the Commission itself, which has once again left the citizens questioning the fairness and validity of the elections process in BiH.

After two sessions of the Central Election Commission of BiH, the most recent held yesterday, it was decided that a recount of a total of 31 polling places will be done on Thursday the 23rd of October.

CEC has allowed for accredited observers of political entities from the polling places which will be recounted, to be present during the process.

CEC stated that the recount was ordered after the main controller for the processing of votes, the input and the confirmation of results informed CEC that it is not possible to verify the results at a number of polling places as they deviate from the cumulative form drafted by representatives posted at the places in question.

According to the latest update on election results, with 93.09% of votes counted for the Srpska member of the BiH Presidency, the opposition figure Mladen Ivanic is ahead of SNSD’s Zeljka Cvijanovic but with a small advantage. Whilst, after 94.65% of counted votes, in the race for the President of RS Milorad Dodik from the current ruling party is ahead of  Ognjen Tadic from the Alliance for change by over 9 thousand votes.

The citizens of BiH eagerly await the final results which, according to CEC, will be known during next month.



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