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Chairman of CoM: We are sending a very positive Signal to the EU


Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Denis Zvizdic, stated that he attended a consultative meeting with the entity prime ministers and ministers of finances as members of the Collegium for European Integrations, which resulted in an agreement and a joint proposal of answers to remaining questions from the Questionnaire of EC.

According to him, the most important thing is that the Mechanism of Coordination is completely implemented.

He recalled that BiH received a total of 3,242 questions, more than 150 meetings were organized and attended by more than 1,350 representatives from 14 levels of government in BiH, and answers to all 3,242 questions, which means almost 25,000 pages, were adopted by consensus, as one vote and one answer on behalf of BiH on the questions of the EU.

“A very important thing is that such a complex mechanism in a country with its own specificities, a very complex political constitutional arrangement, is fully functioning,” said the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH.

“It is a fact that both the working groups and members of the Collegium for European Integrations spoke with the power of arguments and “everything was based on the key principle of the Mechanism of Coordination, i.e. the issue of constitutional competence in BiH,” added Zvizdic.

“We are sending a positive signal to the EU with this agreement and a very quick finalisation of the Questionnaire in a phase when it prepares a new strategy for the Western Balkans. It is important to note the credibility and capacity of BiH, i.e. our full commitment to European integrations as the most important priority of our foreign policy, stated Chairman Zvizdic.

He noted that we are not talking about months, but weeks when answers to the Questionnaire of EC will be in Brussels.


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