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Changes On Site With Respect To Mektic’s Education Details


Dzevad Galijasevic, a security expert, has said that the changes that appeared on the website of the BiH Ministry of Security, which are related to Minister Dragan Mektic’s education details, are the confirmation that there was no reason to deny reporting of either the SRNA News Agency or the Republika Srpska Radio -Television /RTRS/ about his qualifications.
Galijaseviic has asked why the details are changed now, if they previously were correct.

He has stated that on the site, on which it was previously cited that Mektic completed Faculty of Law in Zagreb and earned a degree in Criminology, now stands the College of Internal Affairs and Faculty of Law – the Internal Affairs Department in Zagreb.

“His graduation diploma says that the College of Internal Affairs earns him the seventh degree of higher education. Such diploma does not exist on the Planet Earth and is illiterate, semi-literate, idiotic one; now they are distancing from it, but still giving him a title of a graduated detective,” said Galijasevic.

He has said that Mektic’s diploma is not validated and is worthless even in Zagreb.

“He completed his education at the Educational Centre of the Republic Secretariat for Internal Affairs of Croatia immediately before the war. Three months before the Croatia’s Ministry of Interior founded the National Guard and the Ustasha units of Franjo Tudjman, he had obtained a diploma of seventh degree. This diploma is worthless even in Zagreb “said Galijasevic.

He has said that the diploma that Mektic keeps showing cites neither parents’ names nor personal identification number; therefore according to that number it would be evident that Mektic was born a Croat.

Galijasevic claims that Mektic is an executor of intelligence tasks of the Croatia’s Interior Ministry, and that the Croatia’s agencies retained him as their own, although he was adopted by a Serb family.

“He is the main issue of Republika Srpska’s security and given to such uncreditworthy title, he should be denied access to confidential information relevant to the security and constitutional order of BiH,” said Galijasevic.

According to him, Mektic has obviously committed a criminal offense of misrepresentation and abuse of office illegally acquiring material gain by holding the position of the Director of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs.

This is the confirmation that the procedures were criminally falsified at the two job competitions and that neither the SIPA nor the OBA are doing their job,” said Galijasevic.

He believes that Mektic is not a credible person thus he cannot be the minister of security.

“Mektic is the only security minister on the Planet Earth calling on the protesters to attend the protest rallies. Imagine a man who goes out in public, holds a press conference and says – People, come out and attend the protest rally to overthrow the government of Republika Srpska,” said Galijasevic.

Source: SRNA


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