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Children’s Choir of Zvornik Youth Center Zvončići held a humanitarian annual concert


The Children’s Choir of the Zvončići Youth House hosted a New Year’s charity concert entitled “Divide the Magic” with the aim of collecting candy for packets for the poor and children with disabilities.

Choir leader Hristijana Sandic told reporters that tickets to the concert were just candy at will, of which later Christmas and New Year packages for disabled children and children with disabilities were made.

– Through these and similar concerts, we strive to teach children humanity and solidarity to help others, and concerts are the best place to help those children who need help with the support of the elderly, said Sandic.

Recalling that at last year’s New Year’s concert, 58 packets were made from the collected sweets, Sandic expressed her hope that this number would be exceeded at this year’s concert because the interest of citizens for this type of assistance would be very great.

The director of the Zvornik Youth Center, Djordje Deuric, said that the institution provides logistical support to this and other choirs in maintaining humanitarian, cultural and any other useful work.

– When four years ago the ‘Zvončići’ choir started to work, we recognized their work, effort, dedication and energy and provided them with appropriate working and preparation conditions – said Deuric, adding that the choir members now consider this home their second home.

Members of the recital section of the St. Sava Elementary School, actors of the Zvornik Drama Theater and local rock band “4 o Klok” also performed at the “Share the Magic” concert.




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