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Children’s Theatres are a magical place


World Theatre Day for Children and Young People will today be celebrated all around the world by practitioners of theatre in order to attract the attention of a wider public to the art of theatre for children and young people.

This special day will be celebrated in Laktasi by the Children’s Theater of Srpska and their portrayal of the play “The tale of Palcic”.

This year actor and director John Kani from South Africa issued a message to children around the world. He described his first trip to the theatre in 1958.

“Theatre is a key that opens the door into your own imagination. From that day I promised myself that I will one day be on that stage telling all the stories that my grandmother used to tell us every night before we went to sleep.

Taking a child to the theatre is a gift that empowers the child to want to be heard. It makes the child believe that he or she also has a story to tell one day”, said Kani.


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