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Christmas Reception in Sarajevo


His Grace Metropolitan of Dabar and Bosnia Hrizostom organized a Christmas reception in Sarajevo today.

The Christmas reception was attended by, among other others, Serb Presidency Member Milorad Dodik.

Dodik said that the issue of the restored property of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Sarajevo must be resolved.

He assessed that this reception shows that BiH has the potential to respect different faiths, but that today’s gathering is still overshadowed by the fact that the SOC has not been restored and that the facilities of millions of value in Sarajevo are retained by federal and cantonal authorities, which do nothing to this issue is resolved.

A reception for Christmas was organized many times, and the same matrix repeats – that no one has done anything about this issue. It speaks of Sarajevo’s attitude towards the SOC, which is catastrophically bad, which cannot show that this city is multiethnic because it does not respect fundamental rights, which is the right of the religious community to property – Dodik said.

He noted that the international community has done nothing in this regard.

This shows that this is a combination of the international factor and the authorities in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Canton of Sarajevo not to return these assets – Dodik states.

He added that even attempts at a top-level agreement failed, recalling that a commitment to resolve the issue at the Washington meeting 15 years ago has not been resolved, but has not yet been resolved.

– It says that Sarajevo cannot have the epithet of a city that respects all rights, Dodik said, noting that the issue of the return of property to the SOC must be resolved.

At the reception, Dodik wished all people health and happiness, as well as society as a whole, pointing out that Christmas is a time of gathering and peace.

He thanked Metropolitan Hrizostom for organizing the reception, adding that he came to today’s gathering to convey the greetings of peace to all people.

– Orthodox Christians gather during Christmas not only to say hello but also “mirbože” (orthodox Christmas greeting), which is why the greeting “Mir Božiji, Hristos se rodi” is addressed to all people as a desire for peace, stability and happiness – said Dodik.

Dodik previously spoke with Russian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Peter Ivantsov, after which they met with His Grace Metropolitan of Dabar and Bosnia Hrizostom in the Metropolitanate building in Sarajevo.




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