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Citizens Complain Of Employment Discrimination


 The OSCE office in Drvar has received numerous complaints from the local citizens regarding employment discrimination based on ethnicity or political party background, reconstruction programmes and sluggishness in the resolution of cases before courts, the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina told Srna.
The OSCE says it is trying to establish whether there are problems shared by the majority of citizens and seeks solutions during meetings with competent institutions and organisations.

“Our collocutors from the area have confirmed that the opening of the OSCE office in Drvar and the actions of the OSCE Mission in that area means a lot to the local residents. We wish to improve the quality of life of the people there with our everyday activities and operations,” says the OSCE Mission.

Noting that Drvar, as well as the municipalities of Bosansko Grahovo, Glamoc, and Bosanski Petrovac deserve the attention of the international community, given that the living conditions and economic development in that part of BiH are not at a high level and that they have a large number of returnees, the OSCE Mission says that it actively cooperates with all cantonal and local institutions, schools, and civil society organisations.

The OSCE Mission in the area is actively engaged in monitoring the work of committees in the scope of the Regional Housing Programme and supports the creation of basic economic and social rights with a view to ensuring sustainable return.

“The goal of our office is to help everyone living in Canton 10 and Una-Sana Canton to achieve their rights, not only the Serb returnees, but also the Croats and Bosniaks, and everyone else living there,” said the OSCE Mission, adding that they are also active in the housing programmes for the Roma within the Decade of Roma programme.

The OSCE Office in Drvar has organised and supports regular visits from representatives of the Institution of Human Rights Ombudsmen in Bosnia and Herzegovina in all six Canton 10 municipalities, and has also improved cooperation with representatives of religious communities and inter-religious councils. It continually works to build tolerance and co-existence, which can contribute to the prevention of violent extremism.

The OSCE Mission states that through its office in Drvar, it promotes the right to education and inclusive school environment, an important aspect of a modern democracy. In 2015, it continued to promote the Inclusive Schools – Inclusive Communities Project by systemically implementing the inclusion index in the Canton 10 educational institutions.

“The OSCE Mission to BiH, in cooperation with Drvar municipality, rehabilitated the playground of the Elementary School Drvar. We also donated computer equipment to the Secondary School Drvar, Elementary School Bosansko Grahovo, Grammar School and Secondary Vocational School in Livno,” said the Mission.

The OSCE Mission has also launched the project “Building Communication and Vertical Cooperation between Canton 10 and its Municipalities” and plans a topical meeting between the heads of municipality, chairs of municipal councils and the Government of Canton 10, as well as an event that will gather the secretaries of the Canton 10 and Una-Sana Canton municipal councils to talk about the issues of common interest.

The OSCE Office in Drvar plans to organise a debate on the Canton 10 Constitution and its discriminatory provisions.

“Opening of the Drvar office has facilitated a better cooperation between the coalitions for the fight against hatred coming from the municipalities Velika Kladusa, Drvar, and Livno. As a result, we have a regional approach to the issue and may expect further joint efforts in the future, particularly in November, the month of tolerance,” said the OSCE Mission to BiH.

The OSCE Office in Drvar was opened on April 29, 2015 by the then OSCE Chair-in-Office, Ivica Dacic.

Source: SRNA


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