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Citizens – not political elite – will decide on BiH’s NATO membership


Citizens will decide on BiH’s possible membership in the NATO alliance, not the political elite, reiterated Milorad Dodik, president of RS, on Wednesday.

“The people will decide whether they want this place to be integrated into NATO with Serbia outside and whether they want a border on the Drina. Whatever will be their decision will be mine as well,” said Dodik after a Christmas reception organized today by the commander and units of the BiH Armed Forces in the Kozara barracks in Banja Luka.

Dodik added that peace and stability in RS, BiH and the region is a “holy goal” around which everyone must be gathered.

He believes that RS must remain a visible component of the BiH Armed Forces such as is provided by the laws that regulate this field.

“It is important that RS remain as a state in its framework, that it strengthens its autonomy and offers immeasurable contributions to the stabilization of the situation in BiH,” the entity president said, noting that the constitution is the key issue of relations in BiH in the future.

He added also that the Dayton Accord must be “brought into balance and time to come must be dedicated to it.”

Source: Oslobodjenje


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