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Coca Cola is buying a Company from Banjaluka


The global giant Coca-Cola is planning to buy a company for the production of beverages from Banjaluka – MB Impex, and the request for this was already submitted to the competent authorities.

The purchase would be conducted through the Coca Cola’s company from Serbia, Coca-Cola HBC-Serbia.

The Council of Competition of BiH announced that they received a notification from the concentration of economy subject Coca-Cola HBC-Serbia on July 14, which has a plan to acquire the control over MB Impex.

This concentration, according to the application, will impact the alcohol market (fruit liqueurs, brandy, and aperitifs) in BiH.

Company MB Impex was founded back in 1996 in Banjaluka. The main mission of the company is the production of alcoholic beverages in smaller series, and thus, they produce fruit brandies (apricot, quince, plum), liquors made of honey, plums and medicinal herbs, and strong alcoholic beverages (vodka, gin, and rum).

These beverages have a specific flavor thanks to the fact that they have their own orchard since 2007.




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