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Constitutive session of the National Assembly of Srpska currently on its way

Narodna Skupština

The constitutive session of the new National Assembly of Srpska is on its way in Banjaluka. The newly elected MP’s are expected to swear in their oaths, as is the President of RS Milorad Dodik and the Vice-Presidents Josip Jerkovic and Ramiz Salkic.

During the first session the President and Vice-Presidents of the Parliament should be elected, the working presidency should be constituted, while the mandates of deputies should be verified.

Also two conclusions to initiate the election of delegates to the House of People of the BiH Parlament and the Council of Peoples of Srpska should be adopted at this session, however a majority of time has been allocated  to discussion among the MP’s on the formation of the Commission for Selections and Appointments.

The Chairman of the First Session of the National Assembly Ilija Stevancevic, said that at the consultative meeting of representatives of the parliamentary parties it was agreed that the Commission for Selections and Appointments will have eight members.

Stevancevic said that an agreement was reached whereby at the next session of parliament, proceedings would be initiated to amend the parliamentary rules which would allow the Commission for Selections and Appointment to have 11 members.

He said that according to the current rules the President of the Commission for Selections and Appointments should be a deputy elected from the ranks of the political party which won the most seats in parliament.

Stevancevic proposed a decision whereby the Commission for Selections and Appointment would be filed by the following: Radovan Vukovic as President, Vukota Govedarica Vice President, and members Radovan Viskovic, Vesna Jungic, Slavko Dunjic, Dusko Ilic, D. Sesic, Miroslav Brckalo.

However, NDP’s MP Dragan Cavic said that it was earlier agreed that the inaugural session will take place with a Commission for Selections and Appointments with eight members, and that the amendment of the rules governing this matter would be brought in the coming period and allow three Deputy Club’s with five mandates to have one member in the Commission.

This discussion is still on its way and has put all other required conclusions and protocols on the backseat.


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