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Construction of Central Monument to Serbian Victims Following


Minister of Labor and Veterans’ Disability Protection of Republika Srpska Dusko Milunovic spoke today in Bratunac with the Mayor of this municipality, Nedeljko Mladenovic, and representatives of Serbian associations from the war on the construction of a central monument to Serb victims of the Podrinje victims in Bratunac and housing for families of veterans.

The meeting was also attended by the Minister of Transport and Communications of Republika Srpska, Neđo Trninić.

Milunovic says a monument will be erected for 3,267 victims in the last Defense-Fatherland war from central Podrinje

“It will be a symbol of the immense suffering of our people in this region. No one was responsible for that suffering, and that seems to be the commitment of the BiH courts to prosecute those who have committed crimes against other peoples without the satisfaction of the Serbs with the lawsuits brought by them. against those who have committed crimes against our people, “Milunovic says.

He emphasized that a memorial complex would be built in Bratunac, which should be a symbol of the suffering of the Serbian people in the area and that the location of the monument would be tentatively established today, and that other details would be agreed soon.

“I will inform the Prime Minister and the Government of Republika Srpska about this and I expect that we will start work next year,” Milunovic explained.

Speaking about housing care for veterans, Milunovic specified that the Republika Srpska government provided 186 families for a special program in Bratunac.

“For 116 apartments were constructed, 70 were settled with grants, and 72 families are currently registered for housing. I hope that the processing of this data will be completed soon and that we will reach the final number of caregivers to finish housing in this municipality. care of the families of fallen soldiers and war invalids from the first to the fourth category, “concluded Milunovic.

Mladenovic said that he had talked with Ministers Milunovic and Trninic about the construction of monuments to Serbs killed in Podrinje, initiated by the Republika Srpska Government and the regulation of property relations of the site for the construction of the memorial complex.

He said that the necessary documentation was being prepared for the construction of the monument, adding that the meeting also discussed housing for families from veterans’ categories.

“He is pleased that the Republika Srpska Government is paying considerable attention to our municipality and we expect that it will contribute to a faster resolution of the issues we have discussed today, but also to the construction of a border crossing at the new bridge` Bratoljub`, and the bypass around Bratunac, “said Mladenović.




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