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Construction of Corridor ”5C” through Srpska Continues


The state-owned company “Republic of Srpska Motorways” plans to continue the construction of the pan-European Corridor “5C” motorway through Srpska, on the route from Kostajnica to Putnikovo brdo, which also represents a bypass around Doboj.

International public tender has been launched for the submission of bids for the first phase – project design and construction of this 5.6-kilometre long section. It is open until the 4th May, and all bidders who meet the general and special requirements regarding experience, staff, equipment and financial position are eligible to participate.

As the procurement will be partly financed by a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), it will be carried out in accordance with the Bank’s strict procurement policies and rules.

On this section, in addition to the road, a twin tunnel “Putnikovo brdo 1” will be built, with a total length of 1.6 kilometres, as well as twin tunnel “Putnikovo brdo 2”, 700 metres long, of which the last 150 metres are in the territory of the Federation of BiH.

The viaduct “Putnikovo brdo” and the bridge “Rudanka”, across the river Bosna, will be constructed on the section as well.

The total length of the Corridor “5C”  in the Republic of Srpska is 46.6 kilometres.




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