Home Energy Construction of “Ugljevik 3” to last 36 to 40 months

Construction of “Ugljevik 3” to last 36 to 40 months


Company “Comsar Energy” from Republika Srpska plans to begin constructing “Ugljevik 3” by the second half of this year.

The predicted date for the completion of the plant is 36 to 40 months after the works begin.

The company reiterated that last year they built a campus for workers and received a use permit confirming that 80% of the preparatory work on the construction of coal depots have been completed and that the necessary documentation, including the project, is ready.

Comsar Energy confirmed that the company will invest 350 million in two major projects in Republika Srpska, “Ugljevik 3” and HE “Mrsovo” in Rudo.


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