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Contracts on Delivery of Wood Assortments with 49 Woodworking Companies


The RS Forests signed annual contracts with 49 strategic companies in the wood processing industry. The aim is to provide security and continuity in the work of wood processing companies. The production plan of the RS Forests outlined two million metres of cubic wood assortments.

“We signed the contracts in the amount around 380 000 cubic metres or little more with them. The remaining part is contracted with primary and some individual semi-final and final woodworking companies, that reached this group as being strategic,” said Slaven Gojković, acting director of the RS Forests.

“It is very important that the supply is more regular. These people employ a large number of workers, and they are mostly reliant on exports. We have good results when it comes to the volume of foreign trade because I can say that the volume was over 700 million KM in 2018. We are significantly in surplus. This year, the volume is slightly lower, but we are still in surplus. This is a sector that we must maintain. We must not allow its collapse in any way”, said Boris Pašalić, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Srpska.

The company “Drvoprodeks” signed a one-year contract with the RS Forests for the supply of logs.
They will get about 5 000 logs of oak and about 8 000 logs of spruce. They will use the raw material to produce multi-layer floors, which they export to EU countries. They employ 320 workers.

“We are satisfied with softwood, conifers – namely spruce and those are our needs. There are very few oak trees in Srpska, about 20 percent of our needs. We process over 30 000 metres of oak logs, where one part is from the RS Forests, other part is bought from private dealers, and half of it is imported from Croatia as sawn oak timber”, said Darko Partalo from the company “Drvoprodeks”.

The categorization of the Ministry made a distinction between strategic woodworking companies and primary companies, that is, finalists and semi-finalists, of which there are about 250. The RS Forests say that this company will have a revenue of 185 million KM, based on all the wood assortments available to them in the next year, and that they expect a profit of 5 million KM at the end of this year.




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