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Cooperation agreement on development of women’s entrepreneurship signed


Republika Srpska’s Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship Vjekoslav Petricevic and Director of the Gender Center of Srpska, Mirjana Lukac, signed today in Banja Luka a cooperation agreement on the implementation of programs worth KM 24,844 in order to achieve gender equality in the field of economy.

Lukaceva said after the signing that the program was supported by the UN Women’s Organization, which recognized the program of educating women entrepreneurs in gaining knowledge in financial management, as well as better networking through a series of conferences that follow.

– It is very important that we continue to work together in the next year and work together to improve the business of women entrepreneurs in Srpska in order to create better business conditions and develop the economy – said Petricevic.

He reminded me that the Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship is the holder of the Strategy for the Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship in Srpska.

Lukaceva said that the funds for the implementation of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Program were provided by the Government of Sweden and that it was agreed with Petricevic that this signing should be the beginning of joint cooperation.

– The funds will be earmarked for the development of women’s entrepreneurship in accordance with the Strategy for the period 2019-2023. years under various education programs. We hope that our cooperation will continue, and we have indicated from donors that even greater funds will be earmarked for these purposes – said Lukacev.





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