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Coronavirus in Srpska: 379 New Cases Today


Since the last report on the epidemiological situation in the Republic of Srpska, in the last 24 hours, at the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Srpska, the University Clinical Center of Republic of Srpska, the University Hospital in Foča, and the hospitals of Sv. Vračevi in ​​Bijeljina and Sv. apostle Luke in Doboj and 1101 laboratory samples were tested, and a new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) was confirmed in 379 individuals.

These are 219 males and 160 females, of which 46 are younger, 221 middle-aged and 112 older.

According to the place of residence, 108 people are from Banja Luka, 52 from Bijeljina, 22 from Trebinje, 20 from Zvornik, 16 from Prnjavor, 14 from Kneževo and Laktaši, 13 from Prijedor, 10 from Kozarska Dubica, nine from Mrkonjić Grad, eight from Doboj and Kotor Varoš, six each from Gradiška and Teslić, five each from Derventa, Srbac, Srebrenica and Čelinac, four each from Brod, Sokolac and Ugljevik, three each from Višegrad, Lopare, Modriča, Rudo, Foča and Šamac, two each from Kostajnica, Bratunac, Novi Grad, Osmaci, Rogatica, Šekovići and Šipovo and one each from Vlasenica, Gacko, Jezera, Kalinovik, Milići, Novo Goražde, Pale, Ribnik and Trnovo.

In the last 24 hours, 18 deaths have been reported to the Republic of Srpska Institute of Public Health, in which the presence of a new coronavirus has been confirmed. These are 12 male and six female elderly and middle-aged persons, of which three are from Gradiška, two from Bijeljina, Trebinje and Banja Luka and one each from Nevesinje, Kostajnica, Prijedor, Teslić, Petrovo, Doboj, Foča, Kozarska Dubice, and Laktaši.

So far, 32,925 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the Republic of Srpska, and a total of 1,307 * people have.

In the Republic of Srpska, a total of 18,667 people have recovered from the new coronavirus so far, and a total of 146,542 people have been tested.

The total number of hospitalized in RS is 1,119, in the University Clinical Center of Republic of Srpska 392, and in general hospitals 727.

In RS, 12,416 people are currently under health supervision, and 103,282 people have completed their supervision.




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