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Criminal Charges Filed Against Valentin Inzko


The President of the Association of Citizens “Eastern Alternative” of the Republic of Srpska, Vojin Pavlović, filed a criminal complaint with the Basic Court in Srebrenica today against the High Representative of the International Community in BiH Valentin Inzko for his announcement of imposing a law banning genocide denial, which violates the BiH Constitution and laws.

Pavlović said that with the announced imposition of that law, Inzko “commits one of the greatest crimes – a crime against peace”.

“If this law is imposed on BiH, the environment will not be passive and it is possible to provoke a conflict, and we believe that Inzko, due to the threat to peace, should be held accountable, even though he has diplomatic immunity,” Pavlović said.

He says that “Eastern Alternative” wants to send a message from Srebrenica that, if that law is imposed, it will raise the people to their feet, following the example of the Serbs in Montenegro.

“We do not want conflicts and war, but a stable and strong Republic of Srpska,” the president of “Eastern Alternative” pointed out.

Pavlović believes that Inzko, with his arrogant attitude, implementing Benjamin Kalaj’s ideas about a united Bosnian nation, wants to destroy and expel the Serbian people from BiH by imposing a law that could accuse anyone of expressing an opinion or establishing the truth about war suffering.

“There is no more silence! All allowed legal means will be used for the defense of the Republic of Srpska,” Pavlović said.

The report for initiating a criminal lawsuit against Inzko asks the competent authorities to conduct an investigation and determine who is behind the imposition of that law and to be responsible under international law for causing the conflict.

“Eastern Alternative” also demands a re-examination of Inzko’s attitude and tacit approval of the activities of terrorist Islamist organizations in BiH that are sowing death in Europe and the world.

The report asks the judiciary to hear Inzko regarding the concealment of evidence of crimes committed by the mujahedin against the Serb people from 1992 to 1995.

“Eastern Alternative” demands that the judiciary conduct an investigation as soon as possible due to the OHR’s ​​constant pressure on the Republic of Srpska and that Inzko and his associates be declared undesirable persons in Srpska and BiH, and that OHR funds be directed to fight COVID-19.

The High Representative in BiH, Valentin Inzko, recently announced that he is ready not to impose a law banning genocide denial if it is not adopted by July 11 next year.




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