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Croatia abolishes mandatory isolation for BiH citizens


The Minister of the Interior and the head of the National Staff of the Civil Protection of Croatia, Davor Božinović, announced the opening of the borders towards Bosnia and Herzegovina, ie the abolition of the obligatory two-week self-isolation for those coming from BiH.

The decision, he said, should be made tomorrow.

– We are in the phase of dancing with the virus, we analyze on a daily basis. The EU is likely to come up with recommendations. These talks are ongoing today. We will probably liberalize the border crossing regime to some extent, even when it comes to EU citizens and our neighboring countries. This will mean entering Croatia in a way that all those who enter adhere to epidemiological measures. It would no longer mean an obligation of self-isolation for those coming from BiH. I expect that no later than tomorrow – said Božinović.

He also commented on the procedure of the Constitutional Court, which will examine whether the decisions of the Headquarters were in accordance with the Constitution.

– The government has repeatedly said that our decisions are in accordance with the Constitution and the law. We answered the questions, we will continue to answer. We passed a law so that the Headquarters could be in function soon so that we could start making decisions for the first outbreak of the coronavirus, it went through all the clubs and the parliamentary procedure. In the express procedure, the Parliament authorized the Headquarters for making decisions for the corona crisis – says Božinović.

He claims that all decisions were made based on the profession.

– The results are a consequence of the fact that all decisions are made on the basis of the profession. As far as the Staff is concerned, every decision was made by the profession, and I did not see any epidemiologists behind the criticism, not even those who are members of the SDP – said Božinović.

He also commented on the larger number of patients in Croatia and possible new measures.

– More or less all countries have opened up. We will extinguish hotspots where they occur, but having local hotspots does not mean that measures should be applied throughout the country. The goal is to adopt balanced measures. I believe we will show again that we are among the best. This is not a Swedish model, there are drastic differences in results between Croatia and Sweden. There is no data that there are more severe clinical pictures, nor is anyone on a respirator in Croatia – said Božinović.




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