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Croatia will return the old fees for the Control of Fruit and Vegetables


The fee for inspection and control of compliance of fruit and vegetables with market standards when imported from third countries to Croatia will be returned from 2,000 HRK to 90 HRK.

“The ordinance will be same as before as we have achieved the maximum success. There were some other versions as well, but less successful, so this is an absolute victory,” said Mirko Sarovic.

He noted that there is no need for meetings of ministers from the region with ministers of Croatia regarding this issue.

“We agreed with neighboring countries should fully normalize border controls. Moreover, costs of controls in the environment will be analyzed as well in order to ensure consumer protection and competitive position of agricultural producers in a way that will not interfere with the trade,” as noted from the Ministry of Agriculture of Croatia.

The Ministry of Agriculture will, as it did before, work intensively on the measures to ensure quality of food that is sold in stores in Croatia.

“Consumers protection will be the priority of the Ministry of Agriculture, and controls of fruit and vegetables will be implemented with the same intensity. Each shipping of fruits and vegetables to Croatia must be complied with the general market standards – undamaged, healthy, clean and properly marked, and that the condition of fruits withstanded transportation and reached the destination in a satisfactory state – without pests, strange odor or humidity,” as announced from the Ministry of Agriculture of Croatia.


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