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Cubrilovic: Accelerate resolution of issue of missing persons


On the occasion of August 30, International Day of Missing Persons, the Speaker of the Republika Srpska Parliament, Nedeljko Cubrilovic, has urged all institutions and bodies to finally accelerate resolution of the issue of missing persons in keeping with their competences.
Cubrilovic supported efforts by the Republika Srpska Organization of Families of Captured Soldiers and Missing Civilians, the Veterans’ Organization and other organizations that came into being after the homeland war to turn the attention of society to this problem and remind institutions and society of their obligation to resolve the fate of persons who have been listed as missing for more than 20 years. 

He has said that objections that the search for missing Serbs in BiH has been slowed down since this job has been handled by the BiH Missing Persons Institute should be considered seriously. 

“It is inadmissible that the Institute has existed for so many years, that it has spent millions of KMs and that it has not been able to perform its basic task – to establish a central registry of persons went missing in the past war,” Cubrilovic has said in a written statement for the media. 

Cubrilovic feels that it is necessary to void the illegal competition for members of the Collegium of Directors of the BiH Missing Persons Institute that has been recently conducted and to either return this institution within the bounds of the law or return the search for missing persons to the competence of the Entities. 

“Dissatisfaction with the search for and identification of Serbian victims in BiH expressed by NGOs should be taken very seriously and every effort should be made to speed up the process. Institutions owe it to people who have not known the fate of their loved ones for more than 20 years and who cannot bury them with dignity,” Cubrilovic has said. 

The Speaker of the Republika Srpska Parliament feels that the Republika Srpska Government should urgently find money for identification of 650 mortal remains of Serbs in three memorial ossuaries in Republika Srpska.

source: SRNA


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