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Cubrilovic: Srpska is the largest construction site in the region


Republika Srpska is one of the biggest construction sites in the area of infrastructure and construction of power facilities, which opens up numerous possibilities for Austrian construction companies; it was said at the presentation of eight Austrian companies from Austria in Banjaluka.

During the presentation the Minister of Transport and Communications of Srpska, Nedeljko Cubrilovic, listed some of the potentially interesting projects for Austrian investors, among them the construction of the second section of the highway Banjaluka-Doboj from Prnjavor, the highway from Banjaluka to Glamoc, as well as the public-private partnership between Austrian “Strabag” and “Buig” on the construction of the road Doboj-Jakes.

Cubrilovic also mentioned the construction of the power plant “Stanari”, and “Ugljevik’s” new investment, as well as the soon to be announced public call for the construction of the bridge on the River Drina, near Bratunac.

As far as the border crossing and the bridge Foca-Scepan Polje, the study has been obtained, while funds should be provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, said Cubrilovic.

The Commercial Counselor of the Austrian Embassy in B&H, Sigmund Nemeti, on this occasion said that the infrastructure in Srpska opens up many possibilities for Austrian companies that want to transfer their knowledge and technology to domestic partners.


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