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Cvijanović: Alarming Data on Number of Registered Voters From Abroad


Republic of Srpska President, Željka Cvijanović, says the data that certain local communities are warning about, such as Bratunac and Stanari, where the number of registered voters abroad is much higher than ever before, are alarming.

Commenting on the information that appeared in the public about an increasing number of registered voters from abroad for the upcoming elections, Cvijanović points out that not only the fact about the people registered abroad to vote is worrying, as the law allows it, but the fact that people who were registered in certain countries never went there is dramatic.

“There is obviously some kind of manipulation ongoing, so we expect the inspection bodies to check it out. We expect that all those who were put on those lists through some illegal activity will first be brought back to the regular voting procedure and that the responsibility for such things will be established,” Cvijanović told the press in Kotor Varoš.

According to her, it is necessary to find out whose responsibility it is in order to impose a sanction for such activity.

“One should be careful and find out who has access to such data, how these lists are created, how someone who traditionally votes in Kotor Varoš suddenly finds himself on the voting list abroad,” Cvijanović emphasized.

She adds that it is the obligation of the Central Election Commission /CEC/ of BiH to operate quickly and efficiently and that the fact that the elections are close cannot be an excuse for failing to find out who is responsible for such manipulations.

Cvijanović states there is already enough mistrust when it comes to the appointment of CEC members, and that it is their obligation to demonstrate their skills and enable voters to exercise their right at the places where they are registered.


Source: SRNA


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