Cvijanović: Celebrating Freedom for All Times


    ”There are many difficulties behind us in the time past, many challenges, but we withstood them all. This is the day of our togetherness”, said the President Željka Cvijanović at a defile on the occasion of the Republic of Srpska Day.

    ”This is the day when we celebrate freedom, the day when we remember, with love, those who gave their lives for our freedom”, said Cvijanović.
    The President of Srpska emphasized that all wishes for the future of Srpska are covered in the slogan “For all times”.

    ”They predicted that we would disappear, be erased, that we would not endure the battle, but we endured everything. We live, work, with our Republic of Srpska”, said the President.

    Cvijanović also sent a message to those who want to bring unrest in Srpska.
    ”I have no intention of spoiling this day to anyone, but I have something to say. Why do you think it is more important for you to attack someone than to defend Srpska?”, asked the President.

    Cvijanović said that great love for the Republic of Srpska is something that will never go away.

    ”We hope that we will be better, and always be this way, that our Republic is safely stepping into the future – Long live the Republic of Srpska”, concluded the President of Srpska.




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