Cvijanović: EU relations need to be rehabilitated


    I must admit that our expectations from the EU are high, not only when it comes to helping to combat the pandemic, but also when it comes to supporting for economic recovery, and we want it to be clearly seen through our partnership – she the President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović.

    That is why I hope, and I want the overall picture of our relations to be rehabilitated as soon as possible, even though I know that the whole EU is badly affected and that it takes a while – said Cvijanović.

    Asked to comment on the EU response to the crisis caused by the pandemic virus, President of Srpska noted that the EU member states themselves were most severely affected by the pandemic, saying that the Union had reacted confusedly, slowly and not solidarity.

    – That’s their grade, and so was ours. That perception of collectivity that we have when it comes to the EU has somehow melted away and dissipated into individual views of the countries and the activities they carry out – said Cvijanović.

    According to her, there was little that was perceived as an integrated action of collectivity, and after a while, the picture got better.

    She emphasized that the decision to declare a state of emergency for the territory of the Republic of Srpska enabled, first and foremost, faster and more efficient adoption and implementation of measures aimed at saving human lives and preventing the spread of contagion, as well as measures aimed at sustaining the economy that was seriously affected at the time. pandemics, but also in the sphere of education

    – The state of emergency was necessary because all the possibilities we had under the emergency situation were exhausted. We resorted to this solution because it is necessary to intervene in certain laws, and because of the prohibition of assembly it is impossible to secure the work of the National Assembly of Republic of Srpska because such sessions would pose a serious health risk – said Cvijanović, adding – the Pandemic made us completely change the way we function of society, and therefore had to react in this way.

    Regarding the regulations that have come into force, as well as whether there will be more, the President of Srpska emphasized that they will be adopted in accordance with the Government’s needs to regulate certain issues at the time of the pandemic, or in circumstances of emergency.

    – Therefore, in addition to the already adopted ones, which relate to giving relief to the economy, adjusting to the judiciary in terms of deadlines and procedures, a new way of realizing the educational process in education, and so on, other things that will be necessary to be regulated by regulations with legal force will certainly emerge.  They will go to the National Assembly for confirmation when the conditions are met. I hope it will be as soon as possible – said Cvijanović.

    She stressed that it was difficult to say exactly when we would return to normal functioning.

    – It depends on the health circumstances, not only in our country, but also in the wider environment, but I hope that during the month of May we will relax certain measures and that the conditions for lifting the state of emergency will be achieved then – said Cvijanović and added – these circumstances are analyzed on a daily basis by the General Coordination Team, as well as by the Republic Crisis Staff, and I think it will go in that direction.

    Cvijanović said Srpska responded promptly and took good steps.

    – I’d say – pretty well knowing how difficult it is to manage this situation. If we take into account what has been happening in the countries that are a role model in our perception, including their far better capacities and resources in both the economic and health spheres, then I would say that we have mobilized on time and have taken good steps. It would also be better if there was a consistent practice between the two entities regarding the treatment of entry of our citizens from abroad – she emphasized.

    He believes that it is still not possible to predict exactly how long a crisis could last.

    – What we can say with certainty is that the preventive measures that we adopted in the Republic of Srpska were the first in the region to contribute to a more effective fight against the pandemic. In doing so, we should thank our health care professionals and the vast majority of our citizens who disciplinedly adhered to the measures adopted – emphasized the President of Srpska.

    She stated that the icing would be serious.

    – Not only in our country, but in the whole world. That is why it is our obligation to create solutions so that the economic life, after coping with the health crisis, can be restored as soon as possible – she said.




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