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Cvijanovic: Everyone in BiH must be included in resolving migrant crisis


Zeljka Cvijanovic, RS prime minister, said today that she fears BiH is not sufficiently prepared for a possible larger influx of refugees from the Middle East, which require that all levels of government and authorities be included in the problem.

Responding to a question from Radovan Viskovic, SNSD delegate, on the migrant crisis and whether entities in BiH have the possibility of adequately responding to the problem, Cvijanovic said in the RS National Assembly that BiH thus far does not have the problem, although countries in the region are representing a transit route for moving refugees.

She added that precise information, such as estimates and whether the country will be affected by the refugee situation, has not been forthcoming from BiH organs.

“We had, unfortunately, certain interpretations in several instances,” she added, recalling various statements on the migrant crisis and its possible impact on BiH.

If the problem occurs in BiH, an adequate response must follow from authorities at all levels, from local communities to cantons, entities, and the state, and RS, if necessary, will secure adequate housing and healthcare.

She recalled that the EU has no single answer for the migrant crisis, and countries have differing approaches to refugees.

Source: Oslobodjenje.ba


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