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Cvijanović: FBiH Jealous of Srpska-Serbia Relations


President of Republika Srpska Željka Cvijanović said Friday that negative comments by federal politicians concerning the visit of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić to Banjaluka, as well as Srpska, indicate their further hatred and intolerance towards others.
Cvijanović says the comments by Bosniak politicians also show their jealousy, since what Srpska has with Serbia , they have nothing similar with anyone else.

“Our colleagues from the Federation of BiH /FBiH/ are angry as they are aware of how strong the ties between Serbia and Srpska are, that it is sincere, a matter of responsibility, principles, love, mutual understanding, but also satisfaction that we can do things together. They are jealous of what we have with Serbia because they have nothing similar to it with anyone. Everything related to the concept of BiH is a big fake image. What we have with Serbia is something that every nation would be proud of,” Cvijanović told the press in Novi Grad.

She points out that Vučić’s visit shows how to cooperate, which Bosniak politicians from FBiH have not been capable of for a long time.

“The point here is to show that Serbia, as Vučić said, feels a responsibility and an obligation, and has the desire and pleasure to help the citizens of Srpska. We are bound by much more than any criticism from the outside. Support for all our efforts in Srpska and everything that Serbia has given to us is an indicator of how we can succeed together, to do good things and implement important projects,” said Cvijanović.

She voiced endless gratitude to Serbia, headed by Vučić, as it changed its attitude towards Srpska, noting that through such relations, Serbia would like to leave a mark in every municipality of Srpska letting the residents know they can rely on it, which is very important for them.




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