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Cvijanović: Get out of the Stereotype and Look for Constructive Solutions


The Republic of Srpska President Željka Cvijanović said in Sarajevo last night that it is necessary to break the stereotype, such as the latest joint statement by ambassadors of members of the PIC Steering Board, and to seek constructive solutions, primarily in the area of justice.

– This primarily means that a broad, fair and meaningful reform of the judiciary must be undertaken in the way that these reforms were implemented in the EU Member States – said Cvijanović.

The President of Republic of Srpska stressed that the authorities of Srpska want an environment in which the reform of the judiciary does not envisage the existence of foreign judges in the Constitutional Court, nor the situation that courts make anti-constitutional decisions.

– You cannot imagine the situation that they should contribute to the disorder in the country, instead of serving a just solution to some of the matters that are decided on the basis of law, not politics. We have seen the enormous damage that has been caused to all citizens of Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that is because the judiciary is like that – added Cvijanović.

She stated that, when it comes to the state of the judiciary, she primarily thinks of foreign judges in the Constitutional Court of BiH, practices that need to be improved, but also courts and prosecutors’ offices.

– We are witnesses that different laws were used in this country when the same things were decided by persons of different nationalities. This is unacceptable and it took many years to fix one such logical thing. We are not destroyers, we want a better environment for our children to live in better conditions in the future – said Cvijanović.

Recalling that BiH ambassadors are constantly reprimanded for the departure of young people from the country, she said that young people are just leaving because of problems in the judiciary, citing as an example that the Constitutional Court of BiH made different decisions on the same matters.

– Once on the appeal of Alija Izetbegović, the second time Sulejman Tihić, he determined completely different things. What is the relationship between the international community and the High Representative who says that Brcko has one status, and in the Republic of Srpska another, and here in the Federation of BiH now, and a third – asked Cvijanović.

She stressed that all of these things produce legal uncertainty, and that representatives of the Republic of Srpska want things to be put in order and that real justice reform begins.

– What we did before is of no use. Unfortunately, they reduced the story of judicial reform to the need to reform only the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, which they inaugurated and demanded to function in this way – said Cvijanović.

According to her, in the conclusions of the National Assembly of the

– I urge the EU to reopen the broad debate and regret that structural dialogue on judicial reform has stalled under political pressure – said President Srpska, noting that it came under pressure from political Sarajevo and the OHR, who did not want anyone to ask questions about imposed laws and the existence of institutions that are not constitutional.

Speaking about defining the inter-entity line of demarcation, Cvijanović recalled that it was an obligation stemming from Annex Two of the Dayton Peace Agreement and that FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalic said it would never come to life.

– When you say anything in the Republic of Srpska and you do not come up with such an attitude / as Novalić / you immediately receive sanctions, discussions on PIK, ambassadors come. It is high time that the international factor present here began to act impartially and objectively – said Cvijanović.

The Republic of Srpska President stresses that inadmissible bias is an international factor that prevents anything in the Republic of Srpska from being said to be anti-Dayton, while at the same time publicizing SDA officials with statements such as party president Bakir Izetbegović, who speak of entity voting for the departure of foreign judges.

– The Federal Prime Minister says he will never comply with Annex Two of the Dayton Agreement. What country do we live in? I listen to the views and statements of foreign ambassadors who say that the imperative is the full implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement. What about those people who will not implement it – Cvijanović asked.

She added that it was urgent to stop accusing the Republic of Srpska of no responsibility for lacking elections in Mostar for many years and dissatisfaction with the Croatian people and not electing a new FBiH government with no Serbs.

– It is not our fault that they have made segregation in education and divided the children into different shifts. What does SNSD have to do with Milorad Dodik, Željka Cvijanović or anyone? This is a mess they want to bring from their backyard to the terrain of the whole of BiH – Cvijanović said.

She concluded that the Republic of Srpska is a regulated society that intends to strengthen institutions and invoke the right.

Republic of Srpska, a hand was reached for partners to reach an agreement on the realization of legal certainty, which should serve the well-being of every citizen.



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