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Cvijanović: If the goal is to keep the partnership, the agreement is not unattainable


The vice president of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, Željka Cvijanović, told Srna that, in essence, the coalition is still functioning solidly.

– There was a division of coalition partners, but it is important that everyone remained within the parliamentary majority because the Republika Srpska needs a stable government. As for the disturbances, it is happening on a micro level, more precisely in Prijedor – said Cvijanović when asked to comment on the disturbing relations in the coalition, primarily the relations between SNSD and DNS, and whether it is possible to eliminate them at the announced meeting of the two-party leadership.

She emphasized that dissatisfaction had been present for a long time and then, as expected, a sequence of political events, actions, and reactions took place.

– Of course, each party will assess whether there is more harm or benefit than whether they are together or opposed to each other – said the vice president of the SNSD.

Asked whether it was possible to overcome those problems in Prijedor, Cvijanović answered that it meant that work on restoring trust would have to be done first.

– I don’t know if there is enough time for that until these local elections. If both sides are honest enough and want a partnership, then there is a formula for that as well. For example, joint engagement in a way that divides the four-year mandate, something like Bijeljina. Of course, it will depend on how the two political parties in the local view it, I don’t believe that anyone within the republic coalition would oppose it – said Cvijanović.

She stated that it remains to be seen whether this is a formula for the rehabilitation of partnership and trust, but that it can be a solid offer.

Asked whether a position on that was made within the SNSD, Cvijanović said that they did not formally take positions and dealt with that topic.

– We are preparing for the local elections. But, realistically, that problem exists in the city of Prijedor. We only had consultations within the party leadership – the vice president of the SNSD explained.

Asked whether that could be considered an offer for the survival of the coalition, Cvijanović said that she believed that it could, but that two parties would have to decide on that.

– We have talks ahead of us, so we’ll see. By the way, SNSD and DNS are the two most dominant parties in Prijedor. It should also be seen how they think about it at the bar. If the goal is to keep the partnership, then it is not unattainable – SNSD Vice President Željka Cvijanović emphasized for Srna.




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