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Cvijanović: It Is High Time for Candidate Status


The President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, stated today in Banja Luka that it is high time for BiH to get the candidate status for EU membership.

– When it comes to 14 priorities that have been established, it is clear that we have eight or nine that can be solved without problems, while a smaller number will require inter-institutional cooperation which will be better than before through the coordination mechanism – said Cvijanović.

She pointed out that two or three priorities would require more thorough political discussion and harmonization in order to implement the EU requirements, and not to violate the constitutional principles in BiH.

– I deeply believe that the EU, which has an autonomous right to make political decisions and assess when certain things are fulfilled or not, should grant candidate status to BiH if it wants to send an encouraging message. With some seven or eight fulfilled priorities, it would be normal for BiH to be granted candidate status, and then to tie a set of issues to get a date for negotiations and then to leave the most difficult two or three issues for later – says Cvijanović.

She stated that it is up to BiH to do seven or eight things properly.

– There are some requirements that are good, and they relate to the development of society, for the regulation of certain relations and I have nothing against this. However, I am aware that there are difficult political issues, which fortunately are not many, which would require intervention in the Constitution for which there would be no agreement. The logic is such that we should not waste time on what we do not agree with, and it is better to do what we can – says Cvijanović.

She expressed satisfaction that the members of the Presidency of BiH were in Brussels.

– I also know through the Serb member of the Presidency of BiH, Milorad Dodik, that his proactive role in all this should contribute to the EU better understanding how things stand here – said Cvijanović.

She expressed satisfaction that BiH is lucky with the heads of the EU Delegation because they understand the situation and are trying to facilitate the European path.

– I am a slight optimist that we can reach the candidate status, while I am not convinced that EU membership can be reached quickly. Our goal is a deeper institutional connection with the EU institutions through the candidate status, and after that to meet the membership negotiations – Cvijanović concluded.




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