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Cvijanovic: Let’s Buy Domestic Products, Because It Is Good for Our Economy and Our Health


Republika Srpska President Zeljka Cvijanovic said today in Bijeljina, where she opened the “Ours is Better” Fair of Domestic Products, that there is a quality offer of local products on the market that needs to be bought because it is good for both the economic environment and human health.

“We are trying together to raise awareness of the importance of protecting domestic production, as well as the awareness of our citizens to buy our products. We can boast of our quality offer,” Cvijanovic said at the opening of the fair in the Ethno-village “Stanisici”.

She emphasized that everyone together should understand this and buy their own, home-made products.

“We need to find a way to promote our products, but also to raise awareness of how important it is for our economic environment, and for our health, to use what is produced with us with all the necessary controls and standards,” Cvijanovic emphasized.

She emphasized that this fair is successful because it represents a way to establish a better business environment, good cooperation among businessmen and all together to promote economic patriotism.

“The number of exhibitors, of which there are more than 90, shows that there is interest. It is very important that there is an increasing number of people from fair to fair who want to present their products,” Cvijanovic noted.

Cvijanovic said that Republika Srpska in various locations, and today in Bijeljina, is trying to make such events, adding that the sponsor of this fair is the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of Republika Srpska and that she had the opportunity to support this and many other similar events.

Republika Srpska’s Minister of Trade and Tourism Suzana Gasic said the intention was to bring together as many businessmen as possible.

“We have succeeded. We can see a large number of exhibitors from various areas of our economy, and we are all there to support the work of businessmen and the development of our economy. The line ministry has always been and will be there for businessmen to work together to grow and develop the economy, that we are creating jobs and creating the best possible environment for living in Republika Srpska, “Gasic told reporters.

She added that she expects that the businessmen’s meeting today will make contacts between them and at the same time show what they have, what Republika Srpska has to offer and bring the offer closer to consumers.

Bijeljina Mayor Mico Micic thanked President Cvijanovic and Gasic for organizing such a rally in Bijeljina.

“These manufacturers have shown at the same time that they can produce what can be in our field as well as outside,” said Micic, stressing that manufacturers should be given every possible support.

The fair in the Ethno-village “Stanisici” is organized within the campaign “Ours is Better”, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of Republika Srpska with the aim of promoting local products and strengthening economic activities in Srpska.

Following the opening of the fair, Republika Srpska President Željkao Cvijanović met with executives of a republican company at the headquarters of the RS Pension Fund.




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