Home Politics Cvijanovic: No room for OHR intervention

Cvijanovic: No room for OHR intervention


Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic stated Tuesday there is no room for an OHR intervention when it comes to the Srpska Government’s decision on residence, reiterating that the story is finished.

Visiting Novi Grad, Cvijanovic noted that the decision would be in effect until the state-level authorities passed an appropriate law.

“We stated at the very beginning that we had nothing against the law but that we wouldn’t wait forever for the state-level institutions to wake up and pass a relevant law,” Cvijanovic told reporters.

“Until they wake up,” she said, the decision of the Srpska Government will be in effect.

“My answer to all those claims coming from Sarajevo politicians that the clerks who enforce the Srpska Government’s decision will bear responsibility is that it won’t be like that. This decision of the Government and the clerks that are under the duty to implement it will implement it in compliance with what the Government has decided,” the PM said.

Cvijanovic submits that those clerks are not subject to the responsibility of either the politicians from Sarajevo or the international community, but their own institutions, because they work for them and earn their pay there.

“I urge everyone to be decent when it comes to this decision,” Cvijanovic said.


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