Home Politics Cvijanovic: OHR continues to tyrannize BH institutions

Cvijanovic: OHR continues to tyrannize BH institutions


OHR sent a request to the Parliament of BH not to adopt the proposed amendments and supplements to the Law on Elektroprenos BH as this will jeopardize the ability of the company to ensure reliable and long-term electrical power transmission in BH. The Prime Minister of Republika Srpska Zeljka Cvijanovic, referred to OHR’s move as another example of this organizations arrogance.

“It is arrogant for the OHR to put pressure on a legislative body which was elected by the people. It is also arrogant for it to try and prevent the co-owners of the company in making a decision on investments and dividing the profits that belong to them”, said Cvijanovic.

She said that the OHR is in fact preventing this company from functioning by allowing problems to accumulate.

Cvijanovic asked where the logic is in entities taking out loans in order to realize certain projects, whilst over 200 million KM of investment money and more than 100 million KM in profits remains blocked in a company owned by the entities.

“If foreigners are preventing us from functioning as co-owners of this joint company, then nothing is left for us but to separate and create our own electrical power transmission companies. There are many countries with several electrical power transmission companies, including certain EU member states”, stated Cvijanovic.


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