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Cvijanović on the Demographic Situation in Srpska


The Republic of Srpska President Željka Cvijanović organized a meeting today in Banja Luka to discuss the demographic situation in Srpska and the measures implemented by the institutions of Srpska with the aim of improving population policy.

The meeting with the President of Srpska, held at the Palace of the Republic, was attended by Prime Minister Radovan Višković, Ministers Sonja Davidović, Natalija Trivić, Srđan Rajčević and Boris Pašalić, and demographer and member of the Republic of Srpska Demographic Policy Council Draško Marinković, the cabinet of the President announced.

The statement added that the President of the Republic launched the Demographic Restoration Program of Srpska last year, which created a study containing a situation analysis, as well as the proposal of concrete measures aimed at improving the demographic situation in the Republic of Srpska.




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