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Cvijanović: Only United We Can Prosper … (VIDEO)


The President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović wished the citizens all the best for the upcoming holidays, New Year, Christmas and the 9th January, Day of the Republic.
In her New Year greetings, the President emphasized that in 2020, Srpska is ready for new victories in order to be more successful and developed.

”The intention is to focus even more strongly on economic development, the implementation of important infrastructure projects and the improvement of citizens’ living standards. The common goal is a more successful and developed, happier Srpska in which individuals and collectives will feel secure and in which institutions will be able to respond to citizens’ expectations”, said Cvijanović.

She stressed the importance of maintaining peace and stability in this area, as well as building tolerance among citizens and different peoples.

”We can be a successful society only when we show what is best in us”, emphasized Cvijanović.

Cvijanović said that whatever we achieve in the coming year, will be a joint result of the institutions and citizens of Srpska.

”Not one year was easy, so 2019 was not either, but we proved that we can make progress when we are together and gathered around the interests of Srpska”, said the President.




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