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Cvijanović: Priorities for Continued Cooperation in All Sectors Defined


Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović states that today’s meeting with the State Secretary for Family and Youth at the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources, Katalin Novak, was very constructive, that the priorities for continued cooperation were defined and the visit of representatives of several departments in the Republika Srpska Government to Hungary was agreed in order to concretize this cooperation.
“Our meeting today was realized on the basis of a previous agreement between Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik reached in a meeting held in Budapest last June. One of the conclusions reached at the meeting concerned the development of a joint action plan, given the readiness of the Hungarian Government to share its experiences with Republika Srpska in the sectors of economy, migration and family and social policy,” Cvijanović said at a press conference held in Banjaluka.

She stressed that it was agreed today that a delegation of Srpska line ministries would go on a working visit to Budapest, where they would look into the details and how some of these announced activities would be implemented.

With regard to demographic and human resources and family and social policy, Cvijanović emphasized that Srpska was particularly interested in measures being implemented by the Hungarian Government for certain period of time, and in particular the effects and results produced by such measures.

“As it is well known, we have already announced certain measures that would be similar to those existing in Hungary, as they were considered to have produced good results. As for other sectors, the line ministries of both governments will be also working on strengthening the economic cooperation, and the migration sector,” said the Republika Srpska president.

She stated that Srpska is fascinated by certain moves of the Hungarian Government, which show how such an important issue should be dealt.

Cvijanović said that she had informed her interlocutor about the Srpska Demographic Reconstruction National Programme, and pointed out that some of the measures defined by the Hungarian Government would be included in the programme of demographic reconstruction of Srpska.

The president of Srpska emphasized that it was her great honour and pleasure to host a Hungarian delegation led by Novak in Banjaluka on Tuesday.


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