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Cvijanović: Srpska Cannot Accept Migrants


The President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, stated today in Banja Luka that the Republic of Srpska cannot accept migrants because there are no conditions for their accommodation, and pointed out that, when it comes to that issue, there are security, health, social and social problems.

– I have full confidence in our police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs because they know what they are doing in the situation related to migrants. Of course, the matter was facilitated by the fact that the Republic of Srpska and its institutions clearly took a firm stand on migrants, just in time a few years ago – Cvijanović told reporters.

She reminded that, when she was the Prime Minister of Srpska, it was defined that the Republic of Srpska cannot accept migrants and that it must fight against this phenomenon by legal and permissible means, as well as to try to influence the BiH authorities to do their job and resolve readmission issues. and strengthening the BiH Border Service.

– Our police made themselves available there, knowing how important it is for the border to be protected. We understand that we have a problem and that is why we expect the EU to protect its borders, not only when crossing into Croatia, but also so that migrants do not enter Serbia and Srpska. We also expect that BiH institutions are doing their job on the return of migrants to their countries – said Cvijanović.




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