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Cvijanović: Srpska Cannot Be a Migrant Infirmary


Republic of Srpska President Željka Cvijanović said today that the basic view is that Srpska cannot be a permanent or parking place for migrants and that it cannot be changed.

– We do not have the capacity to build capacity and to deal with something special, first of all security, but also health, economic and social risk because it is a burden for us. We are not changing our attitude towards the European Union either, but our message is that they cannot expect us to open our borders if they do not open our own borders, ” said Cvijanović.

According to her, a major failure was made in trying to strengthen the EU’s external borders by blocking BiH’s border with Croatia, but not the external border through which migrants came to the EU.

– That means they didn’t do a good job. Here everything turns into politicism. If we have a relationship with Frontex, it becomes politicism and is interpreted as not something. Srpska wants Frontex to do its job, but across the EU’s external border, not to let migrants come to us in one place, and then they don’t want to let them go further and enter the EU – said Cvijanović.

She estimated that Europe had made great mistakes in recent years and showed a lack of understanding for many global trends.

– I regret it because I always wanted to believe in the EU project and felt that we too should meet there. Welcome calls for the large migrant population to make up for their lack of workers ended up with their heads. They made agreements with Turkey and said they were protecting the external borders and that it was a priority for the EU, but we saw that it was not working. Maybe someone thinks we should be a victim of that process, but I don’t share that opinion. Srpska or any other state of Western Balakan cannot do this job alone – says Cvijanović.

Cvijanovic said that the whole EU is on its feet because of the migrant crisis that Srpska should remain consistent with the views of its institutions because it is its right, not only to blindly listen when others impose some actions and give suggestions that come from those who do not. themselves do not know how to deal with this problem.

– Why are Hungary and Austria, which are EU members, entitled to say clearly that they will not accept migrants, and we have no right to say that? Why should we not be scared by the fact that someone in Europe says they will stop migrants in the Balkans? What about them? If we are partners, then this is not a partner’s dictionary, nor is the assistance provided as a partner – emphasized Cvijanović.

According to her, Srpska did not cause the migrant crisis because it did not wage war in other countries and fabricate stories about introducing democracy and overthrowing the regime, but unfortunately, it has to take part in solving the problem.




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