Cvijanović: Srpska Is Fighting for the Right for Its Citizens to Live in the Rule of Law


    The Republic of Srpska President Željka Cvijanović said Srpska is fighting for the right for its citizens to live in the rule of law.

    – Our goal is to eliminate deviations, to devote ourselves to the European path and to seek economic, security, political and any other interest. Today, we live with the consequences of bad policies implemented by high representatives, but they do not allow us to show that politics can be good – said Cvijanović.

    According to her, the Republic of Srpska wants a partnership in BiH and that everything works within the rule of law.

    – Serbian is ready for the present time. The fact is that Bosniak political parties are reluctant to talk because someone is behind their political goal in order for it to be realized. They do not want the rule of law, but rather an experiment, to talk to foreigners and to exert pressure on foreigners against Serbs and Croats – Cvijanović told Television K3.

    She warned that there were political frustrations over BiH-led policies.

    – Someone who wants to save the state must respond to the political frustrations of Serbs who want to protect Republika Srpska and Croats who want legitimate representation. These are serious political frustrations and if left untreated the problem will be even greater – said Cvijanović.

    She stressed that foreigners must be asked why they are promoting a policy that benefits a single constituent people – Bosniaks.

    – They took away their powers, passed laws, forced the deputies elected by the people to accept their decisions, people lost their jobs, documents and any legal security, their human rights were violated, and their families passed Golgotha ​​- said Cvijanović.

    She indicated that no one was responsible for this “because there was no rule of law and again they do not give the rule of law.”

    – I don’t understand the hatred that still exists. This is a time of construction and digitization, and we need to speak the rational language and have legal certainty. When we have legal certainty we will not harass one another but live normally. We must provide this right to future generations to convince them that one can live well here – said Cvijanović.

    Cvijanović said her political obligation was to demand citizens the right to live in the rule of law.

    – They are the promoters of a reprehensible state, in which some should be punished and which should not be legal. I am a promoter of a rule of law where the constituent peoples talk to each other, not to run around foreign embassies – said Cvijanović.

    Responding to the question of whether sanctions are expected by the measures taken by Srpska in response to the Constitutional Court’s decision on agricultural land, Cvijanović said that she was not interested in any sanctions.

    – What does it mean to threaten someone with sanctions? We will not be upside down, but a reforming state. I do not want the rights of anyone – Serbs, Bosniaks, Croats and others – to be trampled on in a state like this, ”Cvijanović added.

    Speaking about the conclusions of the Republic of Srpska National Assembly, Cvijanović said that SNSD leader Milorad Dodik announced that he would propose a legal solution with other parties in Srpska and the HDZ that could unblock the situation and slowly lead to the opening of a broad and genuine judicial reform and that it also looks at things that relate to the Constitutional Court of BiH in order to make a state customary for everyone, regardless of nationality or religion.

    – We fight for what is right and we use permitted political and legal methods and tools. We did not block anything – said Cvijanović.

    She added that she was not surprised by the negative reaction from the Federation of BiH / FBiH / to the invitation from the Republic of Srpska to establish an inter-entity line of demarcation, which is clearly prescribed by the Dayton Agreement.

    – The problem with the Dayton Accords is that it is never fully completed to leave room for manipulation. But what is good is that the citizens of the Republic of Srpska have an irrefutable commitment to preserving it with all its powers. No one is bothered by the order of BiH in which people agree, but everyone is bothered by those who attack Srpska and seek to diminish its jurisdiction – Cvijanović emphasized.

    Referring to FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalić’s message that he did not plan to carry out a Dayton obligation that entails establishing an inter-entity border, Cvijanović stressed that it is terrible for the international factor to send a response saying they accept nothing but the full implementation of the Dayton Agreement.

    – The inter-entity line of demarcation has a role to play. The population living on one side or the other had major administrative and property problems, but some of them were addressed on the move. The international factor is silent on this. Selective behavior is not only to the detriment of the Republic of Srpska but also of the Federation of BiH. Defend what is not attacked, and what is rotten will not be addressed – said Cvijanović.

    She said that the citizens of Srpska should be rallied around the interests of the Republic, in order to bring up political battles and create legal certainty as a condition that the government can commit to continuing to increase salaries and pensions, raise employment and build the Republic of Srpska.

    – I believe in the Republic of Srpska because it has shown the vitality to resist all political and financial challenges and has managed to be better and more organized. We are the most organized part of BiH and that is why they do not like us – said Cvijanović.





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