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Cvijanović: Srpska Should Seek Legal Protection Due to Blockade of IMF Funds


Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović says she expects nothing special from the session of the BiH Central Bank’s Board of Directors as they are aware that the blockade of access to IMF funds of EUR 330 million was due to failure to reach an agreement between the Bosniak and Croat parties over the problems within the FBiH, i.e. the distribution of funds between the federal and canton levels, thus Srpska needs to find a way to legally protect itself.

“In essence, it is a difficult political misunderstanding or a problem that has existed there for years, which now, unfortunately, has also affected this arrangement,” Cvijanović told the press.

She points out that Republika Srpska suffers damage due to unsettled relations.

“There are some unprincipled things here – the first is that the allocated money lies here for a month, and the second thing is that we have to pay interest for the money we have not withdrawn. Republika Srpska suffers damage due to such unsettled relations and I am of the opinion that we have to take certain legal actions and protect ourselves because we would not enter into such an arrangement if we thought such speculations, tricks and fraudulence would stand behind it,” said Cvijanović.

She emphasizes Republika Srpska is not interested in unsettled relations within the FBiH.

“If we sat down with someone and reached an agreement, defined and signed the Letter of Intent, did everything related to that arrangement, we expect to withdraw funds, otherwise we would not talk and believed we had a partner to negotiate,” said Cvijanović.

She states that she does not expect any progress in the short term and that she believes that Republika Srpska must legally protect itself.


Source: SRNA


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