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Cvijanović: The Hypocrisy of the International Community Has Been on the Scene for Decades


The President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, pointed out that the total hypocrisy of the international factor has been on the scene in BiH for decades, and that even now no one will comment on the issue of the Office of the High Representative (OHR) and foreign judges in BiH as an obstacle on BiH’s path to the European Union.

When it comes to the international factor in BiH, Cvijanović emphasized that there was always a lot of hypocrisy, a lot of incompetence, and mistakes that were often made intentionally.

– They kept silent about many important things. Everyone knows what the problems are and everyone knows who is producing the problems, but you are constantly making a false impression. What a small step forward they have declared a great success, and what are huge shortcomings, such as the existence of the OHR and the interventionism that was here, they are pushing under the rug and no one will comment on that – said Cvijanović.

According to her, they also kept silent about the fact that the Constitutional Court, with its foreign judges, makes decisions that are not based on the Constitution.

– The Constitutional Court makes a decision that goes beyond the framework of the Constitution and should protect constitutionality. These are things that no one wants to talk about, but we talk. We are sending our reports to the Security Council, and all those who say that we do not have the right to do so, in fact, read those reports very devotedly and take them seriously – said Cvijanović.

Cvijanović mentioned that every serious government must leave a written trace to point out certain problems, to want certain things to be fixed, and to point out who are the culprits and what are the shortcomings of a certain system.

She argues that, because of all this, the Republic of Srpska must be aware of its importance.

– We must be aware of the importance of preserving the Republic, strengthening our institutions, retaining, and nurturing this great love that exists. Wherever you go, throughout the Republic of Srpska, you will see the understanding that you have to protect, protect, strengthen, develop the Republic of Srpska in order for it to be able to resist various pressures – said Cvijanović.




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