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Cvijanovic: The referendum is not a taboo

Zeljka Cvijanovic

Prime Minister of Republika Srpska, Zeljka Cvijanovic, said that Srpska has the right to self-determination and that this issue is present in both the political and personal lives of its citizens.

Cvijanovic said that when it comes to Srpska, the referendum is not a taboo nor is it artificially imposed.

“We have the right to self-determination if we accept the international norms”, said Cvijanovic.

Asked why the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, emphasized the possibility of a referendum on the independence of Srpska, following his recent return from Moscow, Cvijanovic said that she doesn’t believe it to be an explicit announcement of a referendum, rather that he was putting B&H in the broader context.

“Everybody must be aware that when you open a process in one place it will lead to other examples. And that’s exactly the message that was conveyed by Dodik”, stated Cvijanovic adding that prior to his statement everyone was aware that this question may one day be put forward.


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