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Cvijanovic: Valid population census is in Srpska’s best interest


Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic said today that she has not been informed on the investigation into the activities related to the BiH population census being carried out by the BiH Prosecutor’s Office and stressed that the valid population census is in Srpska’s best interest and important for future planning.
“The BiH Prosecutor’s Office does not inform the prime minister on its actions, this is the first time I’ve heard of that. I believe that the conditions for self-publishing the census results will be created in Republika Srpska. A valid population census is in best Srpska’s interest in order to have a method for planning certain things; there are a number of important issues in the economic, social or any other aspects,“ Cvijanovic told the reporters in Sarajevo.

According to her, having census results is essential.

“If we invested so much and if the job was done long time ago, and if the deadlines are soon to expire, why would not we agree? We should sit down and reach an agreement. I believe the solution will be reached, it does not depend on us,” said Cvijanovic.

Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdic has said that the politics should not be allowed to overpower the professional matters.

“It is about the numbers, methodologies, we have both the law and the recommendations. Everyone must be aware that this document is for further economic and social development, important for planning of macroeconomics of the entire BiH and highly important for the EU questionnaire,” said Zvizdic.

The Central Census Bureau of BiH failed to reach an agreement on a single programme for BiH census data processing at the session held on March 14 in Sarajevo.

The legal deadline for publishing the results of the BiH population and housing census, conducted in 2013, is July 1.

Source: SRNA


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