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Cyber Threat Protection Agreement Agreed with Israel


Minister for Science and Technology Development, Higher Education and the Information Society of Republika Srpska Srđan Rajčević yesterday agreed with the Israeli National Cyber Directorate to sign a memorandum of understanding between national CERT teams in Srpska and Israel dealing with cyber-security incidents and the exchange of cyber-threat data.

– The Directorate operates under the auspices of the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office and is responsible for protecting civilian and military cyberspace in Israel. It was agreed that a memorandum of understanding would be signed, and I also received an invitation to send our experts for training to Ber Sheva Center in Israel – said Rajčević.

He also spoke with the leadership of Israel’s largest cybersecurity companies, Guardicor and Elta Systems, which are also concerned with cyber defense and the development of electronic systems for the Israeli military.

As part of a panel on the latest developments in critical infrastructure protection, Rajčević addressed one of the most prestigious Israeli and international Cyberteh conferences and outlined Srpska’s activities related to digital transformation and reform of the education system.

– Israel is considered a cyber-nation because of its advanced technology sector and needs the Republic of Srpska as a lasting ally, especially when we consider similar historical circumstances and traditional friendship between our two nations – says Rajčević.

He recalled that the Republic of Srpska is the only level of government in BiH that adopted the Information Security Act in 2011 and established an operational expert team on computer security incidents under the acronym CERT of the Republic of Srpska.

This national team is operational and it is the focal point for Srpska within international cybersecurity associations. The Republic of Srpska has the modest but developed capacity and I hope that through international cooperation, such as this one with Israel, we will be able to achieve greater visibility and a greater presence in global cybersecurity trends – said Rajčević.

During his several-day visit to Israel, Rajcevic also spoke with the Israeli Minister of Science and Technology Ofir Akunis and visited the universities in Jerusalem.





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